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Friday, 21 July 2017 05:41

Brevard Dumpster Rental Open Saturdays - Express Roll Off 9am-5pm

Written by Carrie Bierman Publisher- Express Roll Off
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Let's face it most of us consider the weekends the two most precious days of the week.

free delivery

A rest from work, time to catch up with family and friends, time to worship, or time to catch up on the chores we've procrastinated. If you've considered do it yourself projects like some of the pin boards on Pinterest, and consider yourself I hands on person willing to save money, the weekend is probably the time you've reserved for such things.

Most improvement projects require going to your local hardware or home improvement store. Its frustrating when we forget to purchase something at Lowes and have to turn around and go back to find the item. Our project gets delayed, but without it, we realize we can’t continue. You may have forgotten something else to… a place to put your garbage! This is a frequently overlooked component of most home improvements. Does the scenario below sound familiar?


Brevard Express Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Maybe you have a new tile picked out and plan on replacing flooring in your outdated guest bath for example.... did you plan on where you are going to put the old flooring your discarding of? Maybe you haven't thought that far ahead and your knees deep into a home improvement project. Have no fear Express Rolloff Dumpsters is here for you. We're conveniently open on Saturdays from nine in the morning till five in the evening. Don't run the risk of having piles of unsightly debris in your garage until you can contract dumpster delivery on Monday most of us don't plan out that far in advance, but why run into snags when you're in the middle of a complex project you may have never done before? This can cause stress in the home, start fights, and lead to hiring an expensive contractor to take over the empowering project you thought you could do yourself.

We've all heard the story too many times, just like in the movie the money pit your renovation will be done in two weeks! Two weeks comes and goes and turns into two months and you have an unsightly unfinished remodel underway without a Completion date in sight. Too many fly-by-night contractors promise you the moon and then get calls while they're in the middle of your job, they take on more work, and your job ends up on the back burner.

Be sure to plan your DIY project properly and don't forget to call for dumpster delivery. Remember out with the old in with the new, but what are you going to do with the old? We've got your back Express rolloff dumpsters, with our variety of different size Dumpsters from a small 10 yard to a gigantic 30 yd.³ rolloff container. 321-253-1080 Open Saturday 9-5

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  • Construction Dumpster Rentals For Contractors

    Contractor’s Guide to Construction Dumpster Rental

    construction dumpster rentalExpress Roll Off Dumpsters Guide to Construction Dumpster Rentals

    Demolition site roll off rental

    There are several key factors to consider before renting local roll-off dumpsters for immense commercial construction or demolition / renovation projects. Some of the key respects include: the type of debris disposed of, the volume of waste, the estimated project’s duration, the availability of the local dumpster rental provider’s roll off stock, turnaround time, pricing, and more. Proper scheduling can easily reduce dumpster rental prices relative to a large project by 22 percent or more.
    FOR EXAMPLE: A contractor who plans carefully while working on a commercial demolition project selects a dumpster rental company that can supply three (3) 30 yard construction dumpster rentals that are switched out when the container becomes full.   This total cost comes out to $1,200. If the contractor had gone with a dumpster rental company that only had 20 yard dumpsters available, the contractor would need five containers at a cost of roughly $300 a piece, or $1,500. The first scenario represents a 25% savings, even though the total container volume available for debris is the relatively the same in both instances.
    The above example is hypothetical, but it accurately represents a very real concern that contractors should consider when renting construction site dumpsters. A bit of due diligence can pay off in the end, especially for industrial-sized construction or renovation projects.
    What do construction and demolition dumpsters cost?
    Express Roll Off dumpsters discloses their roll off rental costs. The following is the average dumpster rental prices for nationwide, local dumpster carriers:
    Roll Off Dumpster Size & National Average Cost
    10 yard dumpster $304
    15 yard dumpster $344
    20 yard dumpster $383
    30 yard dumpster $441
    Express Roll Off has waste management dumpster rental prices that are much lower than those listed above.  We are a licensed and insured local dumpster rental carrier that services all cities in Brevard County Florida, such as:
    Palm Bay, Melbourne, Titusville, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Viera, Subtree, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Melbourne Beach, West Melbourne, Malabar, Sebastian, Indialantic, and more.
    TIP: Ask Express’s contractor’s specials, or for volume discounts for renting multiple dumpsters (3 or more). Express Roll Off offers deals to contractors working on job sites within Brevard County, Florida who plan on renting multiple dumpsters on an ongoing-basis.  Express’s rates end up being cheaper than Waste Management dumpster rental prices and the majority of the other larger chains.  
    Generally it ends up being more cost-effective to rent the largest size dumpster available (30 cubic yard dumpster) for the type of debris your job site is generating. Selecting a larger dumpster size saves your crew from renting a second, third, etc. roll off, that’s hundreds of dollars you’ll save on rental costs.  If you’re disposing of dense or heavy materials, the 15 yard dumpster filled 3/4 of the way full is the size roll off Express utilizes.  Heavy materials include:  concrete, roofing shingles, dirt, rock, asphalt, and other heavy debris.
    Estimating the amount of waste at job site
    Construction job site dumpster rentals
    Accurate waste estimations are critical in minimizing your disposal costs. FEMA came up with a formula to help estimate the debris generated during your demolition project.
    Commercial Building Demolition:
    Length x Width x Height x 0.33 / 27 = Cubic Yards of Debris Generated 
    Single-Family Home Demolition:
    Length x Width x S (number of total stories) x 0.20 x VCM (vegetative cover multiplier) = Cubic Yards of Debris Generated 
    ***(Vegetative cover multiplier = yard waste)***
    One ton of construction and demolition debris (C&D) is equivalent to 2 cubic yards of waste.
    Once you’ve calculated your debris estimate, it’s much easier to access your roll-off dumpster needs. For industrial projects, the use of a 2 to 3 30 cubic yard roll off dumpsters, and arranging for frequent switch outs (or dump returns) is probably your best option.
    When disposing of heavy debris, such as: shingles or concrete, a larger roll off is generally not used. This type of high-density, low-volume waste is disposed of in smaller-sized containers, such as 15 cubic yard dumpsters. In fact, Express Roll Off requires the use of smaller containers for heavy material disposal; since our roll off trucks have to work much harder to haul these heavier items.
    Concrete tear out disposal
    Imperative Factors Related to Construction Dumpster Rental
    Proper planning of debris disposal strategies are critical to maintaining productivity at a construction or demolition job-site. As mentioned earlier, efficient planning can directly impact the total cost of debris disposal. In addition, a sound debris removal strategy is also beneficial in other manners.
    Construction Dumpster Rentals from Express Roll Off Results…
    Express Roll Off has a dream-team of dispatchers.  We aim to make contractors look like “rock-stars”.  We understand job site delays can cost time and money.  It’s best to call 4 hours before you anticipate needing a dumpster switch out, dump return, drop off, or pick up.  With proper planning, and communication (from your foreman to our team of dispatchers) delays relative to dumpster turn-around can be avoided.   
    When debris is immediately disposed of in dumpsters, instead of allowing waste to accumulate at a job site, you minimize safety risks. According to OSHA, the injury rate (including fatalities) in the construction industry is higher than the national average for all other occupations. Maintaining a clean, safe job site should be your top priority as a contractor.
    This means contractors should estimate the number of total dumpsters (or loads) needed to finish the job. This includes container swap-outs as part of the debris removal plan. Discuss your dumpster rental needs with Express ahead of time, so we can meet your company’s demands before scheduling your initial dumpster-rental drop off. This will ensure Express Roll Off can accommodate your live-loading requirements or assist with other special circumstances. Call for your construction dumpster rental today 321-253-1080
    Express is offering a promotion on construction dumpster rental (After President’s Day Sale Promotion - from 2/20/18 - 3/3/18 - where contractors like you can save $25 off regular-priced 20 and 30 yard containers (for a 10 day rental duration). 
    *Please note this offer cannot be combined with other offers, and is subject to job-site location, availability, and intended contents being disposed of.*
    Electing well-renowned national dumpster rental companies usually isn’t your best option.  They do not guarantee low prices, and cannot customize and provide responsive service. Choose Express Roll Off to handle your construction dumpster rental needs, we can accommodate the disposal needs of your job site. We will treat you as a top priority customer and save you time and money overall.
    We hope our tips help to boost your construction crew’s efficiency and lower your waste disposal costs during your next large construction or demolition project. We hope we have convinced you to rent construction dumpster rentals from Express Roll-Off, to reduce the costs of your construction and demolition job.
    Express Roll Off of Melbourne, Florida  321-253-1080
    rents dumpsters to paver companies, commercial developers, government renovators, demolition crews, property managers, commercial renovation crews, landscape companies, restoration crews, roofers, plumbers, HVAC companies, pool companies, remodelers, custom builders, realtors, investors, homeowners, and more.
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    Last October, Brevard county residents were not expecting a storm, let alone a hurricane Matthew, so late in the storm season. Thankfully Brevard didn’t suffer a direct hit from Matthew. As a result, Brevard county did suffer the amount of damage to their county the media anticipated. Some cities within the county got hit harder than others. Many experienced damage to: docks, roofs, fences, and trees. Thankfully, these items can be repaired, removed, or replaced. However, a human life cannot be replaced.