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Rent a Roll Off Dumpster for the Holidays

Written by Carrie Bierman - Express Roll Off
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Holiday Roll Off Dumpster Rental in Melbourne Palm Bay And Beyond

holiday roll off dumpster rental

Most of us need to declutter before the holidays, it's the perfect time to rent a roll off dumpster rental if you live in Palm Bay, Melbourne or any city in Brevard county. Chances are in addition to the normal clutter you've accumulated, you're faced with a repair from Hurricane Irma's wrath as well. This yet just another reason to rent a dumpster. Here at Express Roll Off, we understand no one wants to overpay for trash removal; which is why we offer the best pricing and service in Brevard County, Florida.  If your garage looks anything like the picture to the left, you need a roll off.  When entertaining over the holidays, most people wish to maximize the area they use to accomodate their guests.  This may be your living area inside your house, your garage, your lanai, or all of the above.  When undertaking a daunting project such as junk removal of household goods, it is best to have a strategy, and that strategy should include a dumpster.  


Of course donating to non-profit organizations, free-cycling, and selling some of your unused items is part of the sorting and separation process.  However, chaces are you'll have unwanted items you'll wish to dispose of.  These could include:  boxes, papers, dried paint cans, old damaged items and aged furniture, rottted wood from boarding up after the last hurricane, toys that don't work or have part missing, etc. You may even have some construction waste to contribute to your disposal load.

Even if you're not hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Eve, think about all of the additional waste you'll accumulate after you give and receive gifts this year.   Keeping clutter at bay can be a constant battle.  It's best to keep it in check, before it gets out of control.  Afterall, you don't want to end up like the houses you see on Hoarders or like some of neighbors' houses you drive past that can't park in their garage becuase it's a "junk graveyard".  Fast forward to how great it will feel when you don't trip on a pair of old shoes that haven't been worn in years, or you no longer have to look at boxes stacked containing items you haven't seen in years.  Being neat makes us feel more in control and sets a great example for our children.  Donate and sell anything in great condition that hasn't been used in 6 months to a year (your trash can actually be someone else's treasure), and dispose of the remainder.


At Express Roll Off dumpsters in Melbourne we have roll off containers to fit every residential (& construction) project.  If you're unsure which size to select, call our helpful staff, they'll be happy to assist you.  We deal in trash everyday, we realize not everyone else does.  Simply selecting the correct size dumpster can help save you $175.  Call us today to find out more about how this works at 321-253-1080.  Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!