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Sunday, 18 June 2017 06:32

Homeowners and Dumpster Rental Brokers - Beware

Written by Carrie Bierman Publisher- Express Roll Off
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Homeowners Beware Of Dumpster Rental Brokers

Dumpster brokers can cost unknowing homeowners hundreds of dollars more on the cost of their dumpster rental simply because they're uneducated. Sounds awful, doesn't it? Well, in this article we will give you the tools on how to avoid costly mistakes like renting from them.

First of all, What is a trash dumpster broker?


A dumpster broker is a third-party business, that outsources dumpster rental services like ours and they skim money off the top. This means they inflate the actual cost of the dumpster rental and charge the homeowner more money. They don't own any trucks, they don't pay insurance, and they don't fulfill dumpster rental service. Then, what do what exactly do they do, you ask? They take appointments and coordinate with real local chains or family owned services (like ours) and they contract out the service at an inflated price.

How much is the price inflated?

The dumpster rental price is usually inflated by 50% or more of the original cost to the customer. For example, if a 10 yard dumpster rental normally would cost the resident $200 they would charge $300 or more to the uneducated homeowner.

Why would they do that? To make money off of you- the homeowner, and the local carriers that actually provide the service. Dumpster brokers generally squeeze the local carriers on their standard rental prices we normally charge boasting to us that they take care of the advertising lead generation, and appointment setting, while we local haulers sit back and collect on the sale. In actuality, they take the local rental rate, negotiate a lower rate with local carriers (for example if $200 is the going rate for a 10 yard dumpster they offer to pay us $150-$175) for our service. They in turn, charge the customer $300, plus tonnage fees, distance fees, and possibly commercial fees. In the end, a local renter may pay $150 more for a service they could have easily contracted on their own.

How can you avoid being fooled by the dumpster broker?

  1. Avoid clicking on enticing, yet expensive
    pay per click ads on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  2. Be wary of toll free numbers. This may seem like the dumpster company you're dealing with is professional, when in actuality they're servicing many cities and don't know your area at all.
  3. A dead giveaway are web sites where you're required to click on your city, county, or enter in your zip code.
  4. They service many regions, cities, and locations. Almost too many, unless they're a legitimate chain like WM.
  5. Their Web site URLS have backslash city or particular location like so:
  6. Companies with operators and menu phone extensions that instruct you to press 1 for this and 2 for that. Even if the phone number you're calling has a local area code- the call may be forwarded to office outside of your actual region. Remember, these companies want to appear as though they're really the ones performing the actual dumpster rental.
  7. The big clue - they only take credit cards as payment for your Roll Off rental.
  8. They have weird PO addresses or a combination of numbers and letters. Some of them do show up on Google maps because of this.
  9. They send you a lengthy dumpster rental agreement outlining all of their up-charges and policies to protect them from getting credit card chargebacks.
  10. They have general company names. Names such as Best Dumpster Rental, Ultimate Dumpster, etc. should alert you... they may be a broker.

A few things you can look for while researching a legit local dumpster rental company are:

How are their reviews, how are their prices compared to others on the web, ask if the name of their company and phone number will be displayed on the roll Off you're renting. Sites like hometown dumpster rental will not list dumpster brokers on their directory of carriers.

Be careful homeowners who you rent dumpsters from so that you are dealing directly with the carrier, and most of all not being overcharged. After all, who wants to spend more money on trash removal?