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Cheap Dumpster Rental Isn't What You Bargained For

Written by Carrie Bierman - Express Roll-Off
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Cheap Dumpster Rental or So You Thought

save money on dumpster rental

If you're looking for cheap dumpster rental, you're price shopping the competition.  We understand no one wants to overpay for debris removal.  However, there are a few things to understand when renting a dumpster.  Timeliness, bottom line pricing, service standards, and safety record of a potential roll off dumpster rental service all all factors to consider.  


Is a potential savings of $25 - $40 going to be your bottom line determining factor when hiring a roll off dumpster company?  What happens when they don't show up when they originally claimed they would?  Over-promising is a sales tactic often used to close a deal.  The tactic has good intentions behind it, but usually ends up disappointing the consumer (AKA: You).  Express Roll-Off believes in quoting realistic time frames when it comes to the delivery and pick up of your roll off dumpster. Our goal is not to over-promise and under-deliver, but to exceed your service expectations.  Afterall, we wouldn't be in business if it weren't for you.

Perhaps the dumpster company you spoke with incorrectly accessed your waste removal needs and agreed to rent you a roll off container size that inadequately met your needs.  This smaller container may have cost you less in the beginning (or so you thought), but just did not fit all of the contents you planned on disposing of.  Did you know this would cost you double?!  Renting the wrong sized dumspter (too small) can mean twice the price of the first rental!  Now you need to rent another dumpster from the company that steered you in the wrong direction in the first place.  So be careful with roll off rental quotes that seem 'too good to be true'.


Another thing you should consider when it comes to pricing, is add on charges.  Make sure you don't end up with a la carte add ons with your roll off rental.  Find out every possible charge and fee prior to your agreed delivery.  Otherwise your $25 - $75 savings you anticipated receiving could quickly end up being a gimmick.  Express Roll Off believes in disclosing all prices and policies ahead of time to our patrons in order to save them time and money in the long run.  See Express's dumpster rental agreement here


Lastly, yet most important to your rentqal decision, should be electing a reputable company that carries the appropriate licensing and insurance.  Any contractor or service company that sets foot on your property should carry:  Workman's Comp, liability insurance, and property/auto insurance.  Fly-by-night 'dumpster trailer' companies may not carry these imperative types of insurance and can offer you a lower price as a result.  But if damage is done to your property (driveway, sprinkler system, drains, curbs, sidewalks, grates, etc.) you will end up paying much more than you bargained for.  An above-board company's insurance is meant to protect you, the consumer.  Therefore, ensure that whoever you do business with carries the correct coverage.  This also applies to injuries and unforseen accidents to the service workers or residents on your property.  Medical bills and lawsuits are something most of us want to avoid.


Basically, the old adage 'you get what you pay for' applies when choosing a dumpster rental company, like it does with most consumer purchases.  If a dumpster rental service provider is offering shockingly low prices, chances are - the final price you end up paying won't be such a great deal after all.  Whether your final price results in being more in dollars than you originally anticipated, in grief, or in damages, rest assured, when you rent dumpsters with Express Roll-Off Dumpsters, you will receive the best service in Brevard County, Florida - for less.  Express is licensed and insured and available to 'Talk Trash' with 321-253-1080






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