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The Main 10 Reasons Roofers Should Hire A Dumpster Company

Written by Carrie Bierman Publisher- Express Roll Off
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Why Roofers Should Use Hire Roll Off Dumpster Companies

Express Dumpster Rental Most of the bigger roofing corporations bought their very own dump trailers with the aim of saving lots of cash dumping roofing debris on their own. Let Express Roll Off Dumpsters, your local dumpster corporation in Palm Bay and the encircling cities in Brevard County, Florida to break down the actual prices to our self-employed roofing contractors. Note that we're assuming your dump trailer is owned outright in this comparison, without a month-to-month fee.

Roofing companies in Melbourne Ought to rent a dumpster from Express Roll Off Because:

1. We can keep lower your roofing companies gasoline expenses. That’s right, gasoline is a hefty business cost every month- we're certain of this. These trips from your customer’s job to the unload at the Brevard dump (depending on wherein the re-roofs or roof upkeep is located may be $20 - $50 dollars in fuel/each jaunt.

2. We will lower roofing contractors valuable payroll charges. The average roofing employee makes $15.60/hr as claimed by and this doesn't include his overtime earnings, workman’s comp coverage, the 941 payroll contributions we entrepreneurs pay, re-employment tax, and/or any other perks that an organization may provide to their staff. Travel to and from the local dump, assuming the lines move at a fast pace, can take two to 2 and a half hours. With just one worker in the truck dumping these materials this can run your business $30 - $45/ each trip.

3. The dreaded smell of the dump. The landfill stinks. It’s no charge generally to dump old roofing waste; however it's a gross olfactory experience. Your trucks will get grimy, it smells, and the seagulls like to leave droppings on your windshield.

4. Preserve your mileage which ultimately leads to break downs with the additional wear and tear on your vehicle- also the heavy hauling your truck is carrying increases the likelihood of repairs. At close to $.60/mile ($.575 per mile to be accurate). A forty three trip will cost about $25 in wear and tear (according to the IRS) - which is more than likely a low figure.

5. Keep The Job Moving! All employers recognize the difficulty in keeping our staff productive. Making an additional journey to the landfill isn’t going to inspire your roofing employees. If anything, additional travel will emerge into a convenience shop run, a barrage of telephone calls, or even a chain-smoking break. The productivity our roll off dumpster service can provide your company with is priceless.

6. Self-employed Roofing Contractors also can lessen the Workman’s compensation rate of $18.62/hundred spent. Two trips to the landfill (which may be how many times you travel to the dump for one small roofing task) we will save you nearly $40.

7. Save on travel from your job site to the landfill. Perhaps your dump trailer is crammed to capacity, you could perhaps haul five tons of debris (equal to 8 yards), whereas with our rolloff dumpsters, you'll be capable of fit more than double this quantity- and we dispose of it for you. Our preferred ‘re-roof dumpster’ measures 17.5 ft in length x 4.5 ft in height. Call Express for our roofer volume special save $20. 321-253-1080

8. Using Express Roll Off Dumpsters Services can prevent cash spent on replacing your tires. It’s a well-known fast, that the dump is loaded with nails. How often have you needed to replace a tire(s) simply due to the local landfill? This can get pricey, starting from $120- $220/tire. or more if you add in labor and roadside services.

9. Avoid DOT fines. Failure to Tarp your trailer can lead to steeply-priced fines in case you overlook this. Fees and fines relative to loose debris can cost your company up to $170 (not including your time). Your organization can also be involved in additional moving violations and/or lawsuits because of this. If your tarp isn’t well secured you run the risk of inflicting injuries on the road and getting charged for littering. Ultimately, your vehicle insurance rates can increase.

10. Salvage your company’s reputation and maximize potential referrals. The landfill closes at 5:30PM; this inevitably tears your job crew (or a part of them) away from the job site earlier. They may have to depart at 4:00PM in order to get to the dump on time, then return to your shop. That’s an hour and a half of lost productivity/employee. In order to please and maintain our valued clients, we must adhere to the timeline we promised. Retaining your customers, receiving positive reviews, and referrals is priceless and sufficient to shoot us a text letting to schedule your next dumpster with Express Roll Off at 321-591-9559.

Total savings Incurred with Renting a Roll off Dumpster At Express:

  1. Gasoline $20-$50 (based on location & Fluctuating Oil Prices)
  2. Payroll Savings - payroll spent $30-$45
  3. $0 Saved, however save on washing vehicle and your sense of smell.
  4. Mileage Savings. $25.00 At $.060/mile
  5. preserving job focus- invaluable
  6. Savings on workman's compensation insurance coverage. $40.00
  7. $20.00 Savings Renting our 17 yard cans.
  8. Save On tires. $120.00-$220.00 (Plus labor and roadside assistance )~ minimal $30 for a tire plug
  9. Any DOT fines 0-$169
  10. The local landfill closes at 5:00, tearing your team away from finishing your client's job. - immeasurable

A Savings of $160.00, plus time roofing job is postponed (tire replacement, maintenance, and any potential DOT fines are not considered in this figure). This figure is also based on your establishment owning the dump trailer outright (without any monthly payment). Roofing companies can double this figure if you own a typical 8 yard trailer and must make two trips to the dump. We find the average re-roof job is equivalent to 17 yards of debris dumped, therefore the savings is more like : $320 total.

For further reading about the advantage and disadvantages of having your own dump trailer at check out this roofing blog (written different roofing contractors in numerous states).

Roofers in Brevard County, Florida, save time and money by calling Express Roll Off Dumpsters 321-253-1080mention our $20 Roofing Rewards Savings for Roofing Contractors. You’ll be glad you did!