Homeowners Beware Of Dumpster Rental Brokers

Dumpster brokers can cost unknowing homeowners hundreds of dollars more on the cost of their dumpster rental simply because they're uneducated. Sounds awful, doesn't it? Well, in this article we will give you the tools on how to avoid costly mistakes like renting from them.

First of all, What is a trash dumpster broker?


A dumpster broker is a third-party business, that outsources dumpster rental services like ours and they skim money off the top. This means they inflate the actual cost of the dumpster rental and charge the homeowner more money. They don't own any trucks, they don't pay insurance, and they don't fulfill dumpster rental service. Then, what do what exactly do they do, you ask? They take appointments and coordinate with real local chains or family owned services (like ours) and they contract out the service at an inflated price.