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What Can I Throw away in a Roll Off Dumpster? Express Roll Off's Guide

What can i put in roll off dumpster

What cannot be disposed of in a dumpster?
Just as there are rules pertaining to what you can throw away in your trash can, there are also guidelines to adhere to when it comes to your rented dumpster. These laws are implemented for environmental reasons; there are also state and local regulations related to disposing of waste.
We recommend always discussing the type(s) of debris you’re disposing of with our dispatch staff at Express 321-253-1080. They will help ensure that you understand what is allowed to be discarded and what is not.  A general rule of thumb pertaining to materials which cannot be disposed of is : anything liquid-based cannot be placed into our roll off containers.  This includes:  chemicals, household cleaners, HAZMAT materials, anything flammable, wet paint, oil, gasoline, propane, tires, mercury based materials or appliances with liquids associated with them (AC units, refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, etc.), oil filters, batteries, etc.  These liquids can seep into the ground at the local landfill and contaminate our local water supply.  
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