Express Roll Off Dumpsters Rental Agreement

Express Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Express Roll Off Dumpster Rental Agreement

Thank you for renting a dumpster from Express Roll Off! Below are some rental tips to help your rental run smoothly and suggestions on avoiding extra charges. Rental Term: 7, 10, or 14 Days - any additional time is half of the regular rate's rental; however, if you need your dumpster picked up and dumped before the agreed upon rental term is up, the billing cycle starts over again (ex. if you have more to dump and need the dumpster emptied and brough back - this is called a dumpster switch out or dump return- WE DO NOT OFFER UNLIMITED TRIPS TO THE DUMP). We highly recommend calling or texting us 1-2 days before you need your dumpster picked up (in order to get on the pickup schedule).  Property owner and/or contractor assumes liability of all potential damages related to delivery and pick up of the dumpster.  Please ensure gates are open and nothing is blocking the dumpster.  Paying by credit card is $15- $25 extra (merchant fee). Please text us or call us 1-2  days ahead of time if you need additional time added to your rental term (see additional charges for this above).

What You Can Dump: cardboard boxes, furniture, junk, flooring, drywall, sinks, counter tops, bathtubs, glass, plastics (not containing liquids), dirt, (3/4 full - 15 yard only), books, clothing, metal (not appliances), fencing/decking/posts (subject to pressure treated wood charge- see below), concrete, (not wet and only 3/4 full in 15 yard dumpster), pvc, roofing shingles (15 yard only), wood, rocks/stone (15 yd only 3/4 full), faucets, lighting fixtures (no lightbulbs or ballasts), clothing, indoor lumber, insulation, and more.

What You Cannot Dump: Hazardous materials, batteries, wet paint cans, liquids (chemicals, cleaners, etc.), tires ($154.50/ton), aerosol cans, pesticides, herbicides, flammable liquids, mercury based material, appliances, propane tanks, solvents, computer monitors, tvs, asbestos, gasoline, oil, flammable liquids, oil filters, biohazardous materials, ballasts, refridgerators/freezers - (unless door has been removed).

Things To Avoid Dumping (Subject to Additional Charges):

Landscape debris mixed in with junk or construction debris (unless this is all you are dumping). It is better to physically take these materials to the curb since the county landfill charges $42.91/ton mixed load fee (which we must pass along to you) if these materials are mixed in the dumpster with other debris such as construction debris or junk the landfill charges based on the weight of the entire load.  Items such as: leaves, branches and trimmings, palm fronds, and pond debris cannot be mixed into a junk and/or construction load (any vegetation other than dirt, sod, mulch, stone or concrete gets mulched at the dump)- which is why it must be separated.

Food trash and/or pressure treated wood (fencing/decking - outdoor chemically treated wood) is subject to an additional flat fee since it must be taken to the Cocoa Dump of $150 - try to separate these materials or do not include them in your load.

Other Things to Avoid:

* Any Graffiti on the dumpster-subject to cost of damages
* Filling the dumpster above the yellow fill line - we have to tarp dumpster to safely transport the load - so evenly fill the dumpster
* Blocking the dumpster with other vehicles, locked gates, materials, trailers, etc.- subject to dry run fee $150
* Leaving the hinged door open on the dumpster - subject to damages and/or time charges
* Attempting to move the dumpster yourself -subject to $150 fee
* Denting or damaging the dumpster in any way- subject to cost of damages
* If dumping heavy materials such as concrete, dirt, fill, or topsoil, only fill dumpster 3/4 full - subject to $150 (we only use 15 yard dumpsters for this - otherwise it takes a toll on our hydraullics).


If you are disposing of Commercial Renovations Material/Govt. Debris (working on a job site that is a non-residential location): The dump charges $32.61/ton - we pass this charge along to you. New Construction is $31.16/ton.

Events/Commercial Businesses (Yard Cans):

Are subject to a $30.87/ton solid waste billable disposal fee by the dump, which we in turn pass along to you.  These are ACTUAL county lanfill dump fees.  We do not mark up these charges.


I ____________________ (print name) Date _________ (signature)________________________(address) ________________________ agree to all of the terms and conditions in Express Roll Off’s Rental Agreement.

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