Reasons To Rent a Roll Off

Reasons To Rent a Roll Off

All the reasons why you should rent a roll off

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Renting a Roll Off Dumpster in Brevard FL Makes Moving Easier

moving dumpster

According to the United States Census Bureau, roughly 1 in 9 Americans change residences each year.  Which means, approximately thirty-six million people move from one home to another in the U.S. every single year. Whether you are moving out for the first time, downsizing, or moving into a bigger place, the entire relocation process can be trying. Fortunately for you, Express Roll Off Dumpsters is here for you, to help simplify the moving process and demonstrate how a dumpster rental could be your solution in achieving a stress-free transition.
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New Year's Resolution Roll Off Dumpster Rental at Express Roll-Off

15 yard new year's dumpster

Many of us rang in the New Year last night and made our resolutions.   The holidays are fun and relaxing, but unfortunately leave a mess behind.  Stop procrastinating today and reserve your roll off dumpster to clean up from guests, gifts, and all the trash the season leaves us with.  Our 15 yard dumpster is the most popular size we rent.  It’s ideal for mid-sized clean outs and medium home improvement projects.  We have had many customers already inquire about renting dumpsters from Tuesday on (which is when we resume business).  The most common uses from our telephone and email inquires are roll off containers for junk clean outs, which includes:  boxes, mattresses, household items, box springs, etc.  
If you’re putting off calling to reserve a dumpster for 2018, we suggest you act now.  Not only are our contractors going to be busy fulfilling insurance claim property damages, but homeowners like you are all thinking along the same lines and want to take back their pre-holiday home.  Our 15 yard dumpsters fit more than four and a half pick up trucks full of debris- that’s a lot of rubbish.   We not only include free drop off and pick up, but we also allow a longer rental term than the majority of our competitors.  What will a 15 yard roll off rental cost?  Generally, depending on your location within Brevard County and of course what you plan on putting in the dumpster; the cost only runs a little over $16/day (based on a 14 day rental term).  Our 15 yard bins are ideal for garage clean outs, re-roofs, mid-sized renovation projects, attic clean outs, and more.  Our 15 yard roll off dumpsters measure 16.5’ L x 5’ H x 8’ W.  
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Brevard County FL Growth Due to Healthy Job Market

brevard county florida map

The construction and growth outlook for Brevard County Florida remains strong, due to the county's stable job market.  Brevard's residential new construction has grown by 4676 new homes from 2010 to 2016.  This is an average of 779 new homes built in Brevard County per year.   Currently, Brevard County's population is estimated at 583,000, and expected to hit at least 600,000 by 2025.  This surge in population is equivalent to adding another large city  (nealy the size of Melbourne) to the Space Coast area.  What does this mean for our county?  More people will be relocating to Brevard in the next seven years.  The housing market, construction market, and the job market should continue to rise proportionally with the increase in population in our area.  



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43% in Brevard County Fl Still Awaiting Insurance Claim Settlement

blue tarped roof after irma

Only 40% of hurricane Irma insurance claims were settled in Brevard county in late October, leaving 60% of of those who filed still waiting to settle their claims.  Brevard County officials reported earlier in the month of October, that over 35,000 claims has been filed in Brevard and the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) said over 21,000 remain open (as of late October).  When speaking with family members, coworkers, and friends thier accounts proably support the statement.  To date: (Deceber 1, 2017) roughly 43% of the insurance claims still remain unsettled.  When speaking to my in-laws during Thanksgiving (both living in Rockledge) both my sister-in-law and mother-in-law filed claims just after the hurricane, neither one has had their claim settled yet.  My mother-in-law said the companies told her they're trying to take care of claims with the worst damage first.  Molly, my mother-in-law, told me she had a tarp over part of their roof and were waiting to have an entire re-roof.  The insurance companies are catering to the more severe cases (from what she told me) like residences that lost their entire roof and can't simply tarp the partially damaged area. 

Hurricane Matthew had less than half of the claims Irma had (roughly 16,000) and 91% had been settled towards late October.   Irma's damage was much more widespread which probably has an impact in the companies assessing the damage and processing all of the claims in a timely fashion.  

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Holiday Roll Off Dumpster Rental in Melbourne Palm Bay And Beyond

holiday roll off dumpster rental

Most of us need to declutter before the holidays, it's the perfect time to rent a roll off dumpster rental if you live in Palm Bay, Melbourne or any city in Brevard county. Chances are in addition to the normal clutter you've accumulated, you're faced with a repair from Hurricane Irma's wrath as well. This yet just another reason to rent a dumpster. Here at Express Roll Off, we understand no one wants to overpay for trash removal; which is why we offer the best pricing and service in Brevard County, Florida.  If your garage looks anything like the picture to the left, you need a roll off.  When entertaining over the holidays, most people wish to maximize the area they use to accomodate their guests.  This may be your living area inside your house, your garage, your lanai, or all of the above.  When undertaking a daunting project such as junk removal of household goods, it is best to have a strategy, and that strategy should include a dumpster.  


Of course donating to non-profit organizations, free-cycling, and selling some of your unused items is part of the sorting and separation process.  However, chaces are you'll have unwanted items you'll wish to dispose of.  These could include:  boxes, papers, dried paint cans, old damaged items and aged furniture, rottted wood from boarding up after the last hurricane, toys that don't work or have part missing, etc. You may even have some construction waste to contribute to your disposal load.

Thursday, 09 November 2017 15:55

Veteran's Day Dumpsters

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Veteran's Day Dumpsters for Rent

Veterans day dumpsters

Express Roll Off is busy renting dumpsters as Veteran's Day approaches.  Most of us have Veterans in our lives.  We are blessed to know family members, friends, and/or colleagues that have courageously served our country.  As this holiday approaches, many of us are still recovering from the aftermath of storm damage or hurricane cleanup left behind from Hurricane Irma.  A vast amount of people have just heard back from insurance claims they've submitted weeks ago.  As a result, we at Express Roll Off dumpsters are experiencing an unusually high demand for roll off dumpsters.  Our typical turnaround time for drop off and pick up of roll off containers is now 2-3 days instead of our 1-2 day norm.  Please be patient with us, since we don't want to mis-quote you with an unrealistic rental time-frame.  Veteran's Day falls on Saturday the 11th of November this year, but is observed as a national holiday on Friday.  This means the local landfills will be closed on Friday (both Sarnno and Cocoa).  Express Roll-Off will still be dropping off dumpsters on Friday and is open for business. We are however limited with pick ups, since the dump is not operating.  

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Dumpster Rental Viera Florida

dumpster rental viera

Do you have hurricane debris you still need to dispose of at your Viera, FL residence?  Express Roll Off Dumpsters can help.   Brevard County Solid Waste Management Department estimates 600,000 cubic yards of debris was left after hurricane Irma.  In 2016 Matthew left Brevard with 800,000 cubic yards of debris.  Although less than 30% of waste lies in wait for pickup after Irma, many Viera homes were subject to flooding, wind damage, and tornadoes.  Most of the vegetative debris has been disposed of as we approach the tail end of hurricane season.  Yet many of us are left with construction/clean up projects almost two months later.  We have spoke to some Brevard county residents that have waited on purpose to repair or replace property damages until hurricane season has ended entirely.  They don't see the point in fixing a fence or a dock if it may undergo further damage in the coming weeks.  Yet other property owners are waiting to hear back from insurance claims they submitted in mid-Septemeber. 



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101 Reasons to Rent a Roll Off from Express Roll Off Dumpsters Brevard Fl

101 reasons to rent a roll off brevard fl

Never thought you would need to rent a roll off dumpster, Express Dumpsters in Brevard County Florida gives you 101 reasons why renting rolloffs can help you out.


  1. 1. It's easy, you call 321-253-1080 and book your dumpster rental, we deliver, you fill it up, and lastly, you simply call for pick up of your container.

2. Express has 4 different roll off bin sizes to fit your particular project's needs : 10, 15, 20, and 30 yard dumpsters.

3. Our 10 yard dumpsters fit more than 3x the debris of a canvas bag dumpster for about $20 more.

4.  You're embarking on a garage clean out.  Express has the container size suitable for you.

5.  You're moving or just moved.  Along with a change in residence, comes lots of unwanted items, cardboard boxes, and waste in general.

6.  You're doing a bathroom remodel - with that comes debris- out with the old and in with the new - vanities, lighting, mirrors, tile, sinks, and more.

Friday, 13 October 2017 12:55

Rent Dumpsters In Palm Bay

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Dumpster Rental in Palm Bay Fl at Express Roll Off

dumpster rental palm bay fl

Why rent dumpsters in Palm Bay?  Palm Bay is one of the fastest growing cities in Brevard County, Florida.  Palm Bay even made it on Forbes's top 25 fastest growing cities in the United States list in 2016.  What does this mean for you?


If you're a developer, you're busy erecting commercial buildings for Palm Bay's rapid boom.  If you're an investor, you're scouring the MLS to find a potential property in Palm Bay to flip or rent out and add to your real estate holdings portfolio.  And if you're a contractor, you're probably renovating the residential investment property mentioned above, or working on the real estate developer's project.  What do all three of the above scenarios have in common (aside from potentially resulting in financial gains)?  Each will need a roll off dumpster in Palm Bay, at some point, in order to accomplish their goals.   


Friday, 06 October 2017 12:07

Don't Dump it Yourself - Rent a Dumpster

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Reasons To Rent A Dumpster From Express and Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

rent roll off at express

Got debris?  We all do.  Maybe even some of us have a pick up truck and a free weekend to dispose of our unwated junk or hurricane leftovers.  It seems like a good idea to fill up the back of our truck with our waste and take it to the local landfill.  How hard can it be?  And if landscape debis isn't mixed in with our load it's free of charge to dispose of our cleanout items right?  What would you need a roll off dumpster for when you have to load it yourself anyway?  

Since Express Roll Off deals with other people's garbage all day, we'll walk you through a typical scenario at the dump and we're sure you'll change your mind.  Outlined below are just a few reasons you may opt out of taking a road trip to the local dump, whether it be the Cocoa landfill or the Sarno landfill.  

  • The smell
  • The lines
  • The nails
  • The birds
  • Unloading the debris
  • Getting stuck in the mud
  • Tarping your load
  • Express offers free pick up and delivery
  • Tetanus shot
  • Risk of injury
  • Travel time