Save Money On Dumpster Rental

Save Money On Dumpster Rental

Save money on roll off dumpster rental tips and tricks

Friday, 06 July 2018 19:36

What is a Dump Return?

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What is a "Dump Return" or a Dumpster Return?

I need my Dumpster Dumped or Emptied and Brought Back to Me
A Dump Return or Dumpster Return is when you receive the same exact dumpster you rented brought back to you again (same size and container you rented in the first place).  If you have more debris than the roll off container will hold during the first initial rental cycle and need the container brought back to your job site or residence after it is emptied at the landfill, this is considered a ‘dump return’.  All dumpster companies begin the billing cycle over again (as if you’ve initially rented a new dumpster) - even if you haven’t used the full rental term (time allotted for the rental cycle).  

what is a dump return

For example, you rent a 10 yard container and you actually have 15 cubic yards of C&D (construction or demolition debris), roofing shingles, household junk, or landscape debris to dispose of, and your project requires a second empty dumpster to be brought to the property you’re working at; the billing cycle will begin again based on the cost of the original rental price.  If you rented roll off # 10/2, and paid $200 for for a 14 day rental (a 10 cubic yard dumpster for a two week term), and filled it to the yellow fill line.  A week later, you realize the roll off is full, yet you still have more contents in your household in need of disposal.  Although you didn’t use the full 14 days of the allowed rental term to do so, you need that dumpster emptied at the land fill and returned back to you.  This scenario is considered a ‘dump return’.  Dump returns are charged as if you’re renting another dumpster.  
If you’re wondering why we can’t just include this in the original rental cycle, Express Roll Off Dumpsters of Brevard County will explain.  Express Roll Off includes free drop off and pick up in all of their dumpster rental services.  The amount of days allowable in the rental cycle have less of an impact on our pricing than the time and travel of hauling the roll off.  
For instance, when Express delivers an empty roll off to you (the empty container is either coming from our yard or from the land fill).  If one of our drivers is en route at the Sarno landfill, and your delivery is in Palm Bay, Florida 32905 travel time is roughly 18 minutes (or 13 miles).  The overhead for the initial delivery involves:  fuel (which is expensive, since it’s diesel fuel), insurance (for the roll off truck, property, and liability), our driver’s time (hourly wage, workman’s compensation, etc.),equipment wear and tear (including repairs and maintenance), licensing, advertising, as well as other types of overhead.  After the dumpster is delivered and filled, we haul the contents we picked up to the local landfill (usually the closest one to your job site, unless it contains pressure treated wood - this must be disposed of at the Cocoa Landfill).  Therefore, the overhead involving the actual dumpster service (hauling aspect) is the primary factor when renting a dumpster from Express Roll Off, or any other dumpster company.  Obviously if you try to ‘camp on the can’ (keep your roll off for a far longer amount of time than allowed), we must charge for the overage in days that you had the dumpster.  However, this is not as costly to us as the transport portion of the services we offer.
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Dumpster Rental for Your Brevard County, FL Business - Yard Cans


What is a ‘Yard Can’?

yard can

It’s not the type of can shown in the picture. A 'yard can' is a dumpster for your Brevard County Florida business - (located at your business's commercial location). Whether you rent, or own the commercial property your business is located at, a roll off for your shop is more or less a "semi-permanent" fixture stored your business location.  A yard can is in essence, your business’s dumpster.

 Why would you need this? If your specific business is disposing of debris on a regular basis, requiring a dump return (where the dumpster you’re currently using gets full and is emptied and returned back to you) every week to two weeks, or even more frequently.

If you business needs a roll off sititng at your shop, yard, warehouse, or other commercial location (must be emptied at least two weeks), you may find it advantageous to opt for a "yard can". Express Roll Off gives commercial yard can customers a better rate for for commercial rentals and allows your company to be billed out for such services (we snail mail you a bill whenever you need a dump return).  Receive a free dumpster rental quote for your commercial location from Express Roll Off Dumpsters today.


A Commercial Dumpster is perfect for landscape companies, HVAC companies, Pavers, remediation outfits, tile and paver shops, shipping and receiving companies, screening services, furniture stores, property management facilities, stone manufacturers, and countless other types of commercial businesses with demanding amounts of debris disposal.
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Express Roll Off Dumpsters Lowers Their Prices on Renting Roll Offs

express roll off lowers dumpster rental prices

Gas prices have gone up 30%. Why would Express Roll Off Dumpsters lower their prices on dumpster rental?  Simple, Express is introducing an alternative term to the their typical 2 week rental cycle.  We have been asked by many (especially homeowners) if we offer a shorter term on our roll off rentals,  …. and now - we do!
We still offer the fourteen day rental on all of our dumpsters (10, 15, 20, and 30 yard roll-offs).  However, we’re introducing a shorter duration option on a 10 day rental for a savings of $20 - $25 less per rental.  This gives you the option as the consumer whether you wish to choose a two week term (dumpster rental prices start at $14.28/day, based on a two-week rental term, or you can opt for the 10 day rental at slightly more per day (with less overall cost).  
This is great news for our customers at Express Roll-Off, because they now can rent a 15 yard dumpster for instance at the same price they would have paid for a 10 yard roll off in the past (they just have it for less time).  For the wise, budget-conscious consumer, this is great news.  We realize that not all of our customers need the rolloff for almost half a month and wanted to offer options to those looking for a short-term dumpster rental.  If you’re considering renting a dumpster here are a few tips on how to get started & save the most money:
1.  Plan ahead - determine when you’ll be doing your clean out or 
home improvement project and call a few days out to insure you will have waste disposal handy for your desired dates.  *** But don’t call too far in advance - most dumpster rental companies cannot hold your rental ***  With the high volume most of us dumpster companies are experiencing after two years of hurricanes in a row, 24-48 hours advanced notice for delivery is ideal.
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Dumpster Rental Service Areas for Express Roll Off Dumpsters:


Express Roll Off Dumpsters Cities Serviced in Brevard Fl

Need  to rent a roll off and are located in Brevard County Florida?  Express Roll Off Dumpsters Services the majority of Cities located within Brevard County Florida!  The only two cities we do not provide service to are:  Cape Canaveral & Palm Shores.  Unfortunately Waste Pro has exclusivity to these cities via a municipal agreement (much like a monopoly).  We apologize for this, since your rental will cost hundreds more if you happen to be located in these two areas.  
Express Roll-Off’s prices and service standards when renting a roll off from Express can’t be beat. Express offers local dumpster rental for construction and residential marketplaces alike. We have four different sized roll off rentals to choose from :  10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, and 30 yard rentals.  The cities within Brevard County Fl we do provide Waste Management dumpster rental to are listed below.
Although Palm Bay & Melbourne are two of the largest cities in the county Express rents dumpsters to, we also cover just about most of the surrounding area, providing roll offs to: Merritt Island, Titusville, Cocoa, Rockledge / Viera, Subtree, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Melbourne Beach, Indialantic, and the majority of the outlying cities within Brevard, Fl. 
Dumpster Rental Palm Bay 32911 32908  32910  32909  32905  32906  32907
Melbourne Florida Dumpster Rental  32901  32936  32919   32902  32935  32941
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Waste Mangement Dumpster Rental Prices ... Are Costly

waste management dumpster rental prices

Have you ever checked roll off dumpster rental rates through WM?  Waste Management's dumpster rental prices cost more than local haulers.


Local Dumpster Rental - Palm Bay, Melbourne, Rockledge / Viera

Rent dumpsters in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Viera, Rockledge, and more locally from Express Roll Off.  Express Roll Off serves all of Brevard County, Florida.  Express is licensed, insured and has four different sized roll offs to choose from:  10, 15, 20, and 30 cubic yard containers. 
Waste Management (WM) generally offers 20, 30, and 40 yard roll off dumpsters rentals  in most of the markets served. The 20 cubic yard sized dumpster is most common size temporary dumpster rented.  It is also the smallest size WM offers.  In Brevard County Floirda, the average cost to rent a roll off dumpster from Waste Management is $680.

Waste Management's Dumpster Prices vs. Local Dumpster Companies

Express Roll Off Dumpsters (local company) charges $300 for a 20 yard dumpster (to the majority of the cities serviced in Brevard County).  Roll off rental prices for Waste Management on the 20 yard dumpster (as of 2/24/18) were $690 for a 5 day rental term. Renting a dumpster from Express and supporting a local, family-owned business will save you $390 (less than half the amount you would spend on the waste management container and Express’s rental term is close to 3 times longer).  
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Contractor’s Guide to Construction Dumpster Rental

construction dumpster rentalExpress Roll Off Dumpsters Guide to Construction Dumpster Rentals

Demolition site roll off rental

There are several key factors to consider before renting local roll-off dumpsters for immense commercial construction or demolition / renovation projects. Some of the key respects include: the type of debris disposed of, the volume of waste, the estimated project’s duration, the availability of the local dumpster rental provider’s roll off stock, turnaround time, pricing, and more. Proper scheduling can easily reduce dumpster rental prices relative to a large project by 22 percent or more.
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5 Ways to Save On Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Save on roll off dumpster rental - express

Saving on dumpster rental

Renting a roll off is a favorable and affordable method to get rid of massive amounts of junk, but do you want to pay more for service?
If you’re new renting a roll off (even if you’re not), Express Roll Off Dumpsters of Brevard County, Florida can help ensure you get the best price possible when renting a trash dumpster. Read on and learn our five easy tips to save on your dumpster rental.
1. Rent from local carriers (like Express) and avoid large haulers and waste brokers.

Express Roll Off is a local dumpster rental company in Melbourne, Florida.

Although it seems like a simple solution - to call the same company who picks up your residential trash to rent a dumpster —but that’s not the most affordable idea.
Generally speaking, the larger well-known chains, like Waste Management and Republic Services, are usually more expensive than local carriers...and their customer service is less than personal.  See our article about average dumpster rental prices in the area.  
Another factor that increases your total rental cost is choosing a waste broker, or a middleman. Most often, these companies pose as local carriers (servicing a large area), when they hire out the hauling to a local dumpster company.  Call Express Roll Off directly today to save on your trash dumpster rental 321-253-1080
This is how dumpster brokers operate:
The broker gets takes your call or responds to your lead through a website request for a roll off. (Beware of toll free numbers—this is usually a sign that you’re dealing with a waste broker.)
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Dumpster Rental 101 - Tips on Renting a Roll Off

How to rent a roll off dumpster

Maybe you’re like the majority of us, and you’ve never had to rent a roll off  dumpster, until now.  Before you embark on the unchartered territory of the dumpster rental process in Brevard County, Florida, I urge you to read this article.  You’ll be glad you did.  This 5 minute read can save you hundreds of dollars and more than that,  …. spare you a lot of aggravation.  Everything you need to know about renting a dumpster in Brevard County, Florida can be found here.

Below are the following questions most carriers will ask you.  Be sure to have this information ready when you to reserve your dumpster rental from Express Roll Off Dumpsters.

1.  Which city the property or job site you need the dumpster is located in (also the street address if you go forward with renting).

2.  Generally what you intend on disposing of (contents you plan on putting into the container).

3.  The date and time-frame you will need the roll off delivered.


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Space Coast Realtors Realize That Curb Appeal Sells!


In Order to Achieve this.....



curb appeal Brevard county fl



Your Client Needs This...


Express Roll Off Dumpsters Melbourne Fl


Express Roll Off Dumpsters serves all of Brevard County, FL and is offering the Space Coast Realtors $5 off on any sized dumpster rental (10, 15, 20, or 30 Yard).  Realtors may pass this discount along to their clients, families, property management groups, etc.  Recieve fast and affordable Roll Off dumpster rentals from a locally owned and operated dumpster company today call 321-253-1080  or visit our web site for a free a free quote.

Express Roll Off Dumpsters is here to assist you with the dumpster rental process.  One simple two-minute phone call is all it takes to place your rental reservation.  Our freindly, award winnning staff is here to answer any questions you may have regarding the dumpster rental process (such as:  which items can and cannot be dumped, which size you should rent for your particular project, how much the roll off rental will cost, and more).  

Roll Off Dumpsters & Hauling Services for:  Clean outs, moving, construction, junk removal, rennovation, property management use, remodeling, re-roofs, concrete removal, restoration, construction and demolition, commercial renovation, restoration, landscape debris removal, and more.  The junk or debris at the property you're representing isn't making a good first impression on potential buyers, so let's dispose of it....


  • Express Roll Off Dumpsters is Licensed & Insured                                                                                                                                                           
  • Serving all Of Brevard County, Florida
  • 40% Longer Rental Term than Competitors
  • Rentals from $14.29/day (based on 2 week term)
  • Convenient Hours (M- F: 7-7:30 & Sat. 9-5)
  • Se Habla Español
  • Same Day Service
  • Catering to Residential & Commercial Marketplaces
  • Roll Off Doors that Open For Easy Loading
  • Four Convenient Sizes to Choose From:  10, 15, 20 & 30 Yard Dumpsters
  • Low Rental Rates (from $14.28/day) - based on 2 week rental cycle


Realtors, what are you waiting for?  Call and schedule a roll off rental for your property listing today, and get it SOLD!










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Holiday Dumpster Rental in Palm Bay Done Right at Express Roll-Off

holiday dumpster rental Express

Do you have junk, debris, or projects after Christmas or Hanukkah awaiting your attention?  If you answered yes to any of the above scenarios, you probably need to rent a roll off dumpster.  
The holiday season is an enjoyable time.  Most of us spend time with family or friends, travel, rest up from our hectic work schedules (or from the stress this time of year inflicts on us).  After the gift giving has ended most of us find we have boxes, unwanted or broken items, and junk in general to dispose of.  Others, like me, have realized it is now late Decmeber, the new year is approaching and I must tend to the neglected home improvement projects around my house I have procrastinated.  Whatever the case may be, debris removal will probably play a role in your clean up efforts.  
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