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Fill out our web form or call Express Rolloff Melbourne Fl 321-253-1080 | text us at 321-591-9559.

     Why Choose Express Rolloff Dumpsters ?

    • Licensed and insured waste removal company our team of roll-off service drivers (all family men) have over 70 years of experience combined and an excellent safety record.

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    • We have waste containers for rent to fit your needs, whether it is : garbage removal, junk removal, yard waste removal, concrete disposal, construction debris disposal, hauling services, furniture removal, renovation waste disposal.  

    • Services Express Offers : Junk removal container rental, dirt hauling services, yard waste containers, concrete removal & recycling, volume pricing on trash dumpster rentals (we can give you a commercial dumpster bid), our waste removal containers make a great bagster alternative.

    • The large Waste Management Companies and dumpster brokers (usually the guys with the toll free numbers, multiple locations, and Google ads at the top of the page) charge $100 - $200 more than we do. 

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    Not all dumpster rental quotes are created equal:

    Don’t be fooled by low base price rentals with add on fees and have buyer’s remorse later. If the dumpster rental price seems too good to be true, it probably is. How can I be sure I’m getting a true all-inclusive price? Be weary of tonnage included terms. For example you receive a dumpster rental quote for $175 for a 15 yard dumpster for 10 days, but tonnage is $75/ton extra. Note that the average roll off dumpster weighs roughly 2 tons on the scales at the landfill. This means the great deal you thought you got on renting a dumpster, in reality was too costly. $175. + $150. = $325 - save $100 now and give Express a call. Tipping fees, or add-on charges for tonnage may be legitimate in large cities like Miami, but here in Brevard the local landfill does not charge roll off dumpster carriers like us to dispose of debris, unless it is a mixed load, new construction, or commercial. In other words, household junk, or construction materials at a residential address are free to dispose of, unless you’re building a new home in Brevard. Don’t be fooled by hauling-related add-ons, and know the local municipality fees up front.


    Watch Out for Call Centers - Dumpster Brokers

    What is a dumpster broker or waste broker, and why should I care? 

    Unless you enjoy spending on average $150 - $250 more for your dumpster rental this information ought to be important to you and your wallet.

    The waste broker is a third party company that arranges your dumpster service for you. Sounds like they’re doing you a favor, doesn’t it? Well, they’re not. That service gets marked up by 50% or more. If your dumpster rental were arranged directly with a carrier like Express RollOff Dumpsters you would pay $200 for Example, but through “Dumpsters Everywhere” (fictitious made-up name) your rental costs $325. plus disposal fees - totaling $412.

    But they looked like a legit company… with a Cool, responsive web site.
    That’s because the waste brokers don’t own any roll off dumpsters, trucks, or have any drivers. They solicit real, local carriers to do the job for them; while they profit on the service they just marked up.

    How Can You Tell the Difference Between a Local Dumpster Company and a Waste Broker?

    1. Their web site will often times contain a zip code search box, where you type in “32904” for example. Then once you hit enter, magically, a Dumpster Rental Palm Bay, Florida page appears. That seems local doesn’t it? But it’s not. Now type in Miami’s zip code, and now 90210… do they service these areas too? If so, you’re probably dealing with a predatory broker. Their service areas are far too broad and wide for a typical local carrier. If the company’s web site services more than 3 counties - be weary (unless they’re WM or one of the real nationwide chains).

    2. They have a certain amount of tonnage that’s included with your roll off rental size. After the included amount, you will be subject to a tonnage or tipping fee.

    3. They have a link on the bottom of their web site that says “haulers” - that’s their way to solicit new carriers (businesses like ours that really have dumpsters) to do their work for them.

    4. They usually only accept credit cards as payment? Why? They want your card on file to charge you with hauling fees (dump fees) later; even if there aren’t any incurred.

    5. Most of the time they have a toll free number. However, forwarded numbers with a 321 or 407 area code aren’t uncommon these days. Look at how much more sophisticated the robo-callers have become.

    6. The majority of the time they don’t show up on the “maps” portion of the search, although sometimes they will (if they rent a personal mail box - virtual local address from UPS or use a virtual address service). However, once they get caught doing this their maps listing gets removed, because often times they will violate the rules and include the city name they’re trying to rank for (for example “Dumpsters Everywhere Melbourne”).

    7. Ask for same day service. This is almost, never available through a third party broker. Local carriers like us may not be able to accommodate this either, but the brokers usually can’t ever pull this off. Why? because they have to scramble around to arrange to have this service done, through the local haulers they do business with. Deal directly with the carrier and SAVE!


    You’re welcome, for the money saving dumpster rental tips we included above. Express Rolloff Dumpsters just potentially saved you $212 extra dollars on the cost of your dumpster rental. The broker probably profited $125 - after the overhead of paying : the carrier, the SEO staff, call center staff, web hosting company, etc. Their sales teams are super friendly and know how to deal with objections on price, indecision, etc. So be vigilant! If you have already reserved a roll off rental with a suspected broker, ask to see proof of their liability insurance. Chances are, they won’t be able to provide you with this information. Also, read over the rental agreement you more than likely signed and see if there’s a 24-48 hour cancellation window - free of charge. The sooner you cancel the better! Our recommendation is to do it within hours of booking.


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    - "Excellent service - very professional, accommodating & reasonable. Won't rent from any others! - R.Z. "-

    -"We rented a 30 yard dumpster from Express Roll Off Dumpsters for 1 week. They immediately came in and picked it up when I requested. I will definitely use them again." - Frank P., Merritt Island - Hometown Dumpster Rental

    -C. Cooper reviewed Express Roll Off Dumpsters — 5 stars - Facebook

    - Great service...Very happy with their staff...I will definitely be back... - B. Smith - Faceboook

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    Size Matters & Is Step 1 To Saving:

    It's important to rent the correct sized dumpster, because the roll-off is dumped your billing service-cycle begins all over again.  Because of this, we have four container sizes to choose from (10 cubic yard, 15 yard size for roofing job (most popular size), 20 yard, and 30 yard - we show the dimensions) to fit your needs. We convey the actual roll off sizes and how much they hold and give sample projects each size is used for (ex. kitchen remodel).

    Local Contractors are familiar with both local landfills - Sarno transfer station and the dreaded Cocoa dump. However, contractors from out of the area may not be familiar with Brevard County’s disposal charges. There are 2 main charges that may pertain to your particular industry : commercial renovation & government - rate is : $23.66/ton, the same rate applies for new construction (custom home builders & GC’s - this may apply to you). Commercial businesses are charged $29.50 for solid waste billable charges - which corresponds to your business address. For example you own an e-commerce business that rents a yard can and disposes of trash - you will be billed at this rate (since you’re located at a commercial address).

    Two other disposal categories to be conscious of are:

    Pressure treated wood / and or food trash - wood decking, 2x4s, fencing, and/or any type of food trash must be taken to the Cocoa landfill - which is filled with nails, seagulls, and may be farther for us to travel to to dispose of the aforementioned materials. For this reason, we add on a fair, flat-rate fee for this service.

    Mixed Load Fees - the most expensive charge at both land fills - $41/ton - staff assisted load (billing appears this way on the weight ticket). This charge can easily be avoided if vegetative debris (palm fronds, mulch, branches, leaves, plants, stumps, etc.) of any kind is not mixed in a dumpster with construction / demolition materials, or household junk. Both of the county land fills recycle landscaping materials and offer free mulch, so if the solid waste staff has to manually separate these materials, you will be charged - and this can add up. Your best bet is to take vegetative debris to the curb for collection. If you plan on renting a dumpster and just filling it with yard waste (and nothing else) - this is fine, but do not put pressure treated wood, screening, etc. in the load. All wood isn’t created equal at the dump.