Which Is A Better Deal The Bagster or a Dumpster?

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Homeowners often face the challenge of choosing the most efficient and cost-effective way to handle debris removal. Let's compare two popular options: the Bagster and traditional steel dumpster rentals, analyzing cost, collection, ease of use, and durability.

Cost Comparison

The Bagster: Generally, the Bagster costs around $29 to purchase from retailers like Amazon or local home improvement stores. However, the total cost includes a pickup fee, which can be significant depending on your location. For example, in zip code 32903, the collection fee is approximately $149, plus an additional $8 if scheduled online. This brings the total cost to roughly $178 for 3 cubic yards, equating to about $59.33 per cubic yard.

Traditional Roll-Off Dumpster: Express Roll Off offers a 10-yard dumpster rental at $199, which covers 14 days including delivery and pickup without any additional fees. This breaks down to $19.99 per cubic yard, providing more capacity for less cost compared to the Bagster.

Collection Services

The Bagster: Collection is managed by Waste Management and is dependent on their schedule, which can be less flexible and timely than desired. Customers often report delays and limited service days, which can extend the duration of debris sitting on your property.

Traditional Roll-Off Dumpster: Express Roll Off Dumpsters allows for more control over the collection schedule, with services available six days a week and the ability to call 1-2 days in advance for pickup. This flexibility ensures that debris is removed promptly and efficiently.

Ease of Use

The Bagster: The Bagster needs to be placed close to the curb for pickup using a grapple truck. This can be inconvenient if debris is far from the curb or if the homeowner's property layout makes curb placement challenging.

Traditional Roll-Off Dumpster: Dumpsters are more user-friendly, typically placed in a driveway close to the waste source. They have accessible doors for easy loading and do not require moving once filled.

Durability and Capacity

The Bagster: Made from a mix of reinforced plastic and coated canvas, the Bagster is less durable and has a lower capacity, often not suitable for larger or heavier projects. Customers have reported issues with the Bagster's integrity when lifted, leading to messes and additional cleanup.

Traditional Roll-Off Dumpster: Made from robust steel, traditional dumpsters are far more durable and can handle a wider variety of waste materials without risk of tearing. They are designed to comply with DOT regulations for safe transport and disposal.

Conclusion: Why Choose Express Roll Off Dumpsters?

When considering cost, durability, ease of use, and flexibility of service, traditional roll-off dumpsters generally provide more advantages than the Bagster. For homeowners in Brevard County, Express Roll Off Dumpsters offers reliable, timely, and cost-effective waste removal services that simplify home improvement projects. Choose a solution that saves time, money, and effort while accommodating all your debris disposal needs.

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