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Waste Management's Dumpster Rental Prices Cost More than Express

Written by Carrie Bierman Publisher- Express Roll Off
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Waste Management Dumpster Rental Prices Cost More Than Express

blog1 Waste Management Roll Off Dumpster Prices

Waste Management (WM) offers the following dumpster sizes in most markets : 20, 30, and 40 yard rolling dumpsters. The 20 yard dumpster is most frequently rented and is the smallest size they offer for temporary roll-off dumpsters. The average cost to rent a dumpster from Waste Management nationwide is $654.

Waste Management's Dumpster Prices vs. Local Dumpster Carriers

We compared 20 yard dumpster rental prices through WM to prices from smaller, locally owned and operated haulers in Brevard County Florida. We found that renting dumpsters from local roll off providers is more than $200 cheaper.


Details of Our Pricing Survey:

Waste Management prices came directly from their website Express Roll Off Dumpster Rental surveyed ten locally owned roll off companies for prices Size: 20 yard dumpsters Type of debris: construction debris only Where: 7metro areas in Brevard County Florida Note: We wanted to compare 10 yard and 15 yard dumpster prices as well, but WM doesn’t offer these container sizes in our market.

Average Cost Comparison:

Local dumpster rental companies offer much cheaper dumpster rental prices than WM. In most markets, it's not even close. Local hauler in Brevard County Florida average price for 20 yard dumpster: $367 (Express Roll Off is less than this- for a 14 day term vs. 5 day like WM). Waste Management average price for 20 yard dumpster: $585 Conclusion : Consumers are better off renting from local dumpster companies in the area. Sometimes companies include a tonnage amount in their price (brokers are famous for doing this too). This can make a company appear cheaper initially, but if you go over the tonnage, this is an add-on fee they can charge you with after your dumpster is removed and dumped. Be careful of al la carte add on charges.

Dump Fees:

Local carriers average included weight: 4.61 tons WM average included weigh for rental: 4 tons Extra charges typically only come into play if the included weight is exceeded when the dumpster is dumped. Most haulers typically price these overages on a "per ton" basis (per 2000 lbs). The additional charges for weight were similar between the two groups, with a slightly lower price for the locally owned operators, on average. Express Roll Off does not do this. We only charge for actual tonnage (that the local dump may charge us).

Local haulers average pricing for extra weight: $53.60/ton WM average pricing for extra weight: $61.76/ton

The cost results from our local market surveyed are below. You can learn more about how to save on dumpster rental by reading our blog article. All of Express Roll Off’s policies are outlined in our dumpster rental agreement.  Call Express to save money today on dumpster rental 321-253-1080