Where Should I Throw Out or Properly Dispose Of a Coronavirus Covid-19 Mask?

How do I properly dispose of / throw away a used Covid-19 Coronavirus protective mask I wore?  


where do i dispose of coronavirus masks covid-19

How do I properly dispose of / throw away a used Covid-19 Coronavirus protective mask I wore?  

How to dispose of PPE safely: masks, gloves, and disinfectant wipes: 
According to Public Health officials, make sure you dispose of PPE (personal protective equipment) items in your nearest trashcan.  It is not only unsightly and illegal to litter and leave these items in a parking lot or on the ground, but it is also dangerous according to CDC experts.  Grocery stores, super centers, and the majority of places open to the public have trashcans at the exit.  Or an alternative is to grab an extra grocery bag to place these items into so you can carry them home and throw them away.
Last week after its initial instructions to the American public, the CDC recommended Americans wear face masks to hinder the spread of the coronavirus contradicting its previous advice.  This has resulted in used masks, gloves, and disinfectant wipes littering store parking lots across the nation. Medical professionals state its not only annoying, it’s dangerous as well.  Shoppers are finding the used PPE left behind scary and stressful.  
In New Jersey tossed away PPE items are being found in gutters and along jogging paths, in addition to parking lots at post offices and pharmacies.  Police in certain cities in N.J. have gone as far as warning residents responsible for improper disposal of gloves and masks that they could face fines as high as $500.
Physicians are stating PPE that has not been properly disposed of can contribute to the coronavirus to spread with ease. Medical officers urge not to leave litter around for others to clean up during this vital time in which the world is facing a global pandemic.  It is known these viruses can live on surfaces anywhere from two hours to two days.  Medical officers also caution that when using gloves (which can give one a false sense of security) and are not required according to current guidelines, hey can promote the spread of Covid-19 if not taken off correctly or disposed of properly.  Doctors recommend wiping gloves down with hand sanitizer prior to throwing them away.  

How do I safely remove gloves worn to prevent Covid-19?

The CDC recommends using one hand (with the glove still on) to grab at palm area of the glove on the opposite hand and peel it off, because the outside surface of the gloves is contaminated.  Hold the glove while sliding your fingers of your ungloved hand under the glove that is still on at the wrist area and pull it off.  Lastly, dispose of both gloves properly in the trash.  When you’re finished removing the gloves be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or use an an alcohol based hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol.  Watch video of proper method to safely remove gloves here.

How do I safely remove masks and respirators worn to prevent coronavirus?

The CDC instructs to grasp the bottom ties of the mask first, and then the ones at the top in order to avoid touching the front of the mask.  They also instruct to avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, or mouth).  If the mask is disposable throw it away in a garbage can, in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.  If the mask is cloth, place it directly in your washing machine.  As stated earlier, be sure to wash you hands thoroughly or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.  
If we work together and do our part in properly disposing of personal protective equipment (PPE) we will slow the spread of the Coronavirus - Covid-19.  Save the planet, save lives, and discard PPE responsibly.  Please do your part to slow the spread and save lives. This article has been appropriately written on Earth Day.  

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